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Mold Testing

Professional Mold Testing Services in Laurel, MD

Mold is the last thing anyone would want to see in their home.

Mold in your home or property can significantly affect your investments. It is not only unattractive, but it may also cause harm to the home and health problems for the individuals who live there. Unchecked exposure to mold spores for long periods can have profound health implications.

There are multiple symptoms that can indicate whether or not you have mold in your house.

They include musty odors, persistent allergies, peeling wallpaper, chronic illness, and various other issues. So if you notice some of these signs in your home, professional inspection, and mold testing is the best method to be sure.

Importance of Professional Mold Testing Services

While mold can be detected outdoors and indoors, personal sensitivity to mold varies, and inhalation of harmful spores becomes more likely when these spores are present indoors. Mold may seem frightening, and there's reason to be afraid!

Mold exposure in indoor spaces is very dangerous. Beginning with a mold test from a mold specialist is the best approach to arrive at a conclusive mold evaluation and, if possible, develop a treatment strategy. A certified specialist will greatly assist you in identifying the type of mold you have and advise on removal services.

You need a mold inspector if:

  • There is visible mold growth
  • Your property has recently experienced water damage
  • There is a strange smell
  • Occupants experience consistent health complications.

Professional home and office mold testing services help you detect hidden mold and prevent severe symptoms. Mold exposure has been linked to serious physiological problems, specifically in the case of black mold.

Mold spores can eventually make you sick if they are uncontrolled. They are more likely to affect people already ill and individuals with autoimmune disorders. Rashes, allergies, and cold symptoms are some of the mild symptoms. There are, however, more severe symptoms, such as asthma complications, respiratory problems, and neurological issues.

One of the core advantages of hiring our professional mold testing service is that we conduct everything efficiently. Why attempt to solve a situation for which you were unprepared? Mold testing experts have the equipment they need to find and test mold.

Why should you choose Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Laurel?

Many homeowners and businesses want to know what kinds of mold are developing in their apartments or facilities and what types of spores they might be inhaling. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Laurel provides a wide range of sampling services, all of which are examined by independent labs.

Generally, we can conduct these tests as part of a mold inspection, final clearance testing, verification of mold remediation, and to provide evidence for legal/insurance purposes.

We pride ourselves on:

  1. Professional mold testing with state-of-the-art equipment
  2. Comprehensive mold testing and sampling procedures
  3. Experienced and certified mold technicians
  4. Cost-effective mold testing services.

Our technicians will assess and physically inspect the affected rooms, collect and test airborne spore levels, confirm or rule out fungal growth, and provide procedures for cleaning and restoring the affected property or areas.

Customers in and around Laurel can always count on a thorough & honest evaluation and testing of possible indoor air quality problems, with no fear of scare tactics.

Let's Inspect Your Property for Mold

Promoting environmental well-being as well as human health in indoor living areas is one of our professional services' key priorities. Our certified technicians are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable. We apply our extensive understanding of mold and mildew, including black mold, Stachybotrys, and black hazardous mold, in our inspections and mold testing services.

Give us a call now at 240-459-3970 to talk with one of our experts! Our main goal is to find out if there is indoor mold growth, what kind of mold it is, and mold spores levels in the air. We are Laurel's leading mold inspection & mold testing service.

Take action today. Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine!
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